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2 Day Weekend

Jan. 13 & 14th, 2018 - Westin - LAX, Los Angeles, CA

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Joel Bauer has changed thousands of people’s lives around the world through his proven step-by-step 2 Day LIVE Event.

This 2 Day Event is for you IF...

  • You are an entrepreneur who wants to sell more, at higher prices, by marketing your business better than your competitors.
  • You have a GIFT to share with the world, are tired of giving it away, and want to know how to properly monetize it.
  • You want to get featured on major news outlets to expose your service or product to more people.
  • You want to create additional streams of income (online or offline).

Who Should Attend

Those About To Start A Business • Working Professionals • CEOs • Home Based Business Owners • Non-Profit Organizations • Real Estate Professionals • Consultants, Trainers or Coaches • Authors • Speakers • Educators or Teachers • Medical Practitioners • Just About Anyone…

  • You want to be an entrepreneur, but you do not have any interesting hobbies, expertise, or product ideas to start a business. You may have doubts about the direction your life or career should be heading…
  • You already know what your true passion is, but have never really found a way to monetize your dreams.
  • You are already running a business but you want to differentiate yourself as the logical choice in your industry and gain more clients while exploding your sales effortlessly.
  • You are a working professional who want that extra edge in your career. You want to be recognised as a powerful communicator, negotiator and influencer.
  • Anyone who sells, negotiates, or presents ideas to either sell himself, a product, or a service.

Will You Be Next?

Joel Bauer has changed thousands of peoples lives around the world through his proven step-by-step Mentoring4Millions process.

  • How you can unlock your true passion or knowledge (Even if you think if you don’t have passion or product ideas…) and turn it into a profitable business.
  • Start monetizing your dreams… Create your own products and systems to sell online and offline!
  • How to market and position yourself as the undisputed expert in your industry
  • Develop the magnetic charisma to influence and win clients easily!
  • How to persuade those who are shut down and who normally wouldn't give you the time of day
  • Preserve business & personal relationships for life!

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Joel Bauer's 2-Day Mentoring4Millions Weekend Transformation on
January 13th & 14th, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA

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World-renowned Gurus have have all depended on this one person, Joel Bauer, to motivate their customers, control focus, and pull massive dollars from everyone’s pocket.

“Mentoring4Millions – Harnessing The Power Of Persuasion ” 2-Day Immersion Training

Enter Your E-Mail below to apply for your FREE SCHOLARSHIP to Joel Bauer's 2-Day Mentoring4Millions Weekend Transformation on January 13th & 14th, 2018 in Los Angeles CA

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This is the ultimate transformational training for aspiring or professional communicators. Anyone who needs to negotiate effectively is going to be able to generate massive gains and undergo a massive transformation. You will be able to do what you’ve never done, one-on-one, one-on-50 and one-on-50,000 on television, radio, newspapers and magazines!

You Have 4 Seconds…

  • Forgettable or Unforgettable?
  • Successful or Unsuccessful?
  • Remarkable or Unremarkable?
  • Do you have anything to offer?
  • Can you help me achieve my goals?

What Do The First 4 Seconds Say About You?

In the first four seconds of meeting me, people want what I’ve got. They never forget me and they always ask for more. Think about this for a second…

What would it mean to your business and life if you could produce that kind of reaction everywhere you went?

  • Could it help you improve your career or business?
  • Could it help you establish better relationships and friendships?
  • Could it make you a more powerful salesperson, communicator, or businessperson?
  • Could it help you improve your career or business?
  • Could it make you more money in the next 90 days?

…To capture the attention and hearts of everyone you meet. Because in four seconds people will make a decision about you. They “size you up” and slap a label on you. They will create a lasting impression of who you are and what you’re all about.

All that happens in four seconds. And most likely your first four seconds are working to your disadvantage.

What if you could create the kind of impression you want to, on everyone you met?

I can tell you with certainty that it will change your life. I’ve seen it happen time and time again and I even guarantee it with my own money.

This one simple technique has gotten me countless free upgrades to first class on airplanes, free upgrades to the finest suites in hotels and the best tables, and unattainable reservations in the most in-demand restaurants around the world.

Check out this TV interview where I share my persuasion tips:

Anyone can learn to persuade

... with impact regardless of their appearance, education, background, or personality. All of my secret techniques will be revealed in this 2-day full immersion workshop. These are easy-to-implement principles and some of them you’ll be able to implement during this event! Any single strategy you learn at this training event could change your life and your financial future forever. You need these skill sets & proven processes to be able to provide a superior lifestyle for yourself and for your family.

Step-by-Step, Practical And Actionable Strategies in 2 Days…

(Transformation Training Valued At US $2,500!)

Regardless of the current state of your business, or where you are in life, the Mentoring4Millions transformational 2-Day training will teach you how to transform your business. Even if you follow just a few of the techniques that Joel’s system teaches, you can dramatically increase the quality of your life, and business. You can create a completely fresh start not knowing what to do, or you can already be successful…this works for anyone.

  • Unlock what it is you’re truly passionate about in life. If it has been a struggle to find your life’s purpose, Joel allows you to ask yourself some pretty tough questions to unveil some very profound answers and help you to get some long awaited clarity.
  • How to monetize your passion or specialized knowledge through the creation of your own product, system and service… at a fraction of what you might think it would cost!
  • Jaw-dropping techniques to build immediate credibility and rapport so that people will believe in you in just 4 seconds.
  • Simple transformation mechanisms to gain the instant attention of those who normally wouldn’t give you the time of day. Strangers will hang on your every word and move you make.
  • Differentiation tactics that make all of your competition Minor League and YOU the only and obvious choice in your market.
  • How to answer the all important question “What Do You Do?”. You don’t know the answer and it’s costing you millions!
  • I will teach you how to motivate people in a way that gives them what they want and you won't even utter a single word.
  • How to get the applause, kudos, and results in people approving of you.  Raving fans will want to do business with you.
  • How to build your arsenal of testimonials to secure attention and credibility… how you get the right words from people who believe in you.
  • How to identify your prospect’s biggest problem and concerns… and get them begging you for the solution!
  • How to publish your own book in less than 72 hours and without actually writing it. Having your own book will establish you as an expert and give you instant credibility.
  • Learn How To “Dress for Maximum Impact”. I will also show you how to pose and take your own photographs that makes you stand out in any crowded market.
  • Learn to retrain your voice, intonation and modulation…I will turn you into a master communicator so you can help separate people from their money and impact them in making a positive decision in their life.
  • How to create PowerPoint presentations that are unforgettable, impactful, and bring in the results. You will use emotionally engaging visuals and graphics in your presentations for branding and persuasion. No more spending big $$ on designers!
  • How to target the audience that specifically you want to penetrate. You will learn how to create exposure and connect with them emotionally so they end up investing in you.

Joel Bauer Reveals His Step-by-Step Formula On How You Can Be Successful In Your Business Or Career, Win People's Trust & Make An Unforgettable Impact Everywhere You Go...

These are easy-to-implement principles and some of them you you’ll be able to implement during this event!

Any single strategy you will learn at this two day event could change your life and your financial future forever. You need the tools to set yourself up for life. You need the skill sets necessary to be able to provide a superior lifestyle for yourself and for your family.

The techniques you will be learning at the Mentoring4Millions 2-Day training will allow you to fulfill all of your needs, retire at an early age, send your child to the finest private schools, and live life on your own terms without compromise…

You May Just be the Next Success Story

Joel’s step-by-step persuasion system has literally transformed people’s businesses and lives overnight. He has helped them take their passion to generate massive profits they have always wanted! His system works for anyone… there is no special talent, anyone can use it!

Click the PLAY button now to listen what participants have to say!

1200 People Can't Be Wrong

A sneak preview to one of my live 2-day training events in Asia… 1200+ people and my successful students CONFIRM what you are about to experience at this “Mentoring4Millions” 2-day transformation…

Rave Reviews From Top Marketing Gurus...

 Ann DeVere 


"$475,000 in 174 Days!"

Joel enabled me to strategically position and present my ideas... 
Taking me from $0 to $475,000 in 174 days

Emma Tiebens


"$25 per hour to $25,000 per client!"

Joel's systems & events transformed me from $25 per hour to $25,000 per client and from an unknown to an International Best Selling author, speaker, media personality & brand positioning consultant

Brad & Jen Sumrock

Real Estate Investors

"We Generated $272,000"

In just less than five months we generated over $272,000 as a direct result of Joel's training!

Fred Van Liew

 The Water Doctor 

"$1.2 Million in a little over 2 Years!"

1.2 million in a little over 2 years! I honestly wasn't sure what to think of Joel Bauer when I first attended his workshop. I followed his training and the numbers speak for themselves. Thank you Joel!

Peng Joon​​​

Internet Marketer

"Do Whatever it Takes to Meet Joel"

Those who know me know that I never give out testimonials unless there was a significant impact in my life. Joel is one of them. If you are a speaker, presenter, marketer, author and you want to take it to the next level, you want to do whatever it takes to get in touch with Joel!

Srini Saripalli

Father & Business Professional

"Easily Over $112,000"

Less than a year after training with Joel, I have easily put over $112,000 of additional income into my bottom line. This additional income I directly attribute to my Joel Bauer education.

Johnathan Jacques

University Student

"Do Whatever it Takes to Meet Joel"

Joel's training enabled me to: Generate $60,000 per year while in high school, appear on television and in 100+ newspapers & Magazines,
gain acceptance to Babson University and secure my current
executive shareholder position.

Jorge Bueno

Financial Consultant

"200,000+ in New Revenue"

$200,000+ in revenue through my systems, books, webinars, events and multiple revenue streams. Joel's training and support made it possible!

Nishant Kasibhatia

Memory Trainer

"An Amazing 25% Conversion!"

I just conducted my second sales group presentation today and had an amazing 25% conversion!
This is my best ever closing. I have specifically used Joel's techniques (of course!).
The best part was I had GREAT fun doing it. Thank you Joel!

Tony Robbins

Speaker & Life Coach

"Persuasion to a Whole new Level"

Joel Bauer has brought the art and science of persuasion to a whole new level. His
remarkable technologies will amaze even the most dedicated of skeptics.

Mark Victor Hansen

Author of Chicken
Soup for the Soup & The One Minute Millionaire

"Joel Bauer is the Master's Master"

Joel Bauer has a level of impeccable perfectionism that I've never witnessed anywhere else in any other speaker. I've been around this business for 30 years and studied all the best of the best... politically, theologically, business-wise and academically. I've never seen anyone come in and mesmerize a crowd, take ownership of their mind, please them and have them ecstatically excited. He's the Master's Master.

Robert G. Allen

Author of Nothing
Down & Multiple Streams of Income

"Double or Triple my Closing Percentages"

My name is Robert Allen. I'm a famous author of a lot of best selling books and I speak to a lot of audiences and I'm pretty good at closing... to tell you the truth I'm pretty darn good. It took me a long time to figure that out, but by watching Joel, learning from him, I absolutely know that I'm going to take my closing percentage and double or triple it. Because when you watch what he does and learn the techniques and the structure he uses behind what he's teaching, you know that you can apply it yourself.

Joe Polish

Internet Guru, CEO Piranha Marketing

"Joel made all the Difference"

Joel earned his consulting fee within ten minutes of walking into my office. Joel showed us how to increase perceived value, which diminished attendees concerns to our high ticket platinum program.

Martin Howey

Business Trainer, CEO Topline Business Solutions

"Joel Bauer will Change your Business"

Joel Bauer will literally change the way you conduct your business, the way you view and live your life and the results you get in terms of happiness, satisfaction and financial reward

Wendy Robbins

Founder of Nowhere to Millionaire

"$10,000 in credit card debt to $10,000,000"

I went from $10,000 in credit card debt to $10,000,000 (10 million USD) in 4 years. I've had
some of the best mentors in the country. Joel, just by watching him and spending time
with him, I realized this is the guy I want as my mentor...

Don't miss your chance -- SEATS ARE LIMITED! 

Would You Like Joel to Train You?

Full Immersion, No Guest Speakers, Not a Sell-A-Thon, No Fluff... Just Pure Hardcore Training!

If your answer is "YES", then TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY!

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Two Types Of People… Which Group Are You In?

There are two types of people in this world. The first group is very small.

They are the people who get what they want in life, are extremely successful, are financially free, and live life on their own terms without compromise. 

They achieve this because they know how to present themselves effectively in the first four seconds, communicate that what they offer is of immense value to the other person, and then tell them why they must take the next step to create a relationship.

The second group is the made up of everyone else.

This is the group that leaves their success up to chance and works countless hours banging their head against the wall trying to get ahead, but always fall short of the mark.

Is that what you want?

If you’re still skeptical...

Give me just 2 days. You will never be the same again. Once you learn what I have to teach you, unless you somehow lose your memory, it will be impossible for you to ever be “ordinary” again.

It would be virtually impossible for you to not know how to make tons of money with my persuasion system – starting with nothing as I did years ago. But if you can’t cast-aside your skepticism, please do not waste any more of your time reading any further.

These secrets are used equally from the small businessperson making a great living to to guys who are running ONE BILLION DOLLAR Publicly-Traded Corporations.

These techniques are not Mickey Mouse.

-They are Powerful

-They are life-altering.

-They can even be dangerous if they are not used properly. ​

So, I’d like to welcome you to the “Best” of your life. You deserve the good life. It’s based entirely on the choices you make. I have now opened the doors for you.  Take action now to secure your 2-Day Masterpass Training Ticket! This is an amazing opportunity that will not last long.

Joel Bauer

P.S. If you are looking for a real and genuine way to improve your income while avoiding many of the costly pitfalls I’ve made, this will be the most rewarding program you’ll ever come across!

P.S.S. Tickets sell out fast. Claim your seat immediately so you can start manifesting the life you have always dreamed.

Coaching From An Elevator *Elevator Pitch Mastery* 

How to uniquely present yourself so that you will be unforgettable…

(Pure Training Content!)

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