Joel Bauer's Mentoring4Millions Online Mentoring System

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Step 1

Please Review & Approve Community Agreement

Agreement for Joel Bauer’s Mentoring4Millions Online Mentoring System

As a student of Joel Bauer’s Mentoring4Millions Online Mentoring System, I agree to the following:

  1. I agree to complete all assignments for each module. I understand that I will receive approximately 1 hour of training once or twice a month and to implement what I learn, on average, will require approximately 2-4 hours each week to complete the assignments.
  2. I understand that everything that Joel Bauer teaches is copyrighted and all rights are reserved. I understand that I do not have permission to share, duplicate or copy any of the materials, videos or trainings in this program unless those rights are explicitly granted, in writing, by Joel Bauer.
  3. I understand that the only guarantee I have is if I purchased the Annual or Lifetime Package. Within one year, if I implement 100% of what Joel Bauer teaches in this program, and I don’t generate 3X my investment, then I can request a Proof of Action Form. Once I fill this Proof of Action form completely out, I will receive a refund of my investment plus $1000 as a gift from Joel Bauer. There are no other refunds, guarantees or warranties for this training program.
  4. I realize that Joel Bauer may need to reschedule or make up scheduled classes due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. Internet is down, travel, personal emergencies). If Joel Bauer misses a class, a make-up class will be scheduled within 21 days.
  5. I realize I may feel overwhelmed, tired, stressed, challenged, and lost during this program. I recognize that this is normal and I agree to stick with this program regardless of how I may feel.  I realize this is a powerful learning process and I am committed to generating the greatest results.
  6. I realize that, at times, videos may not work, documents may not open and things may not go the right way. Joel Bauer and his team will fix any broken links, videos, recordings, or documents that are used for training within 10 days of notification of a failure.
  7. I fully accept all responsibility for my participation in this program.
  8. I am willing to share my expertise when appropriate or when asked.
  9. I understand that I have purchased a training program that have both recorded and live classes. All of my personal questions can be addressed inside of this group mentoring program by participating in the live help clinic webinars as well as the Private Facebook Group.
  10. I understand that I can connect with Joel Bauer and his team via the Live Coaching classes and through the Private Facebook Group.
  11. I shall add [email protected] to my email safe list so that Joel Bauer’s staff can communicate with me about how to get into the live webinars and any additional reminders and updates.
  12. I understand that, during the program, Joel Bauer might recommend additional products, services and tools to help me save time and improve my results. I understand that these tools may have an additional cost not covered by your membership.  I understand it is always my choice as to whether I choose these recommended products, services and tools.
  13. I can give constructive feedback after I have implemented my assignments. I can share when I have benefited from this program.  I can share how I think Joel Bauer can make the assignments and instructions easier and more effective.

  • I agree and understand to all 13 above items and I want to be in the Joel Bauer’s Mentoring4Millions Online Mentoring System.
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