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Joel Bauer

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Next Date: January 13 - 14, 2018, Los Angeles, CA

Joel Bauer has brought the art and science

of persuasion to a whole new level.”


Top Motivational Speaker & Best Selling Author

What do the top 1900+ income producing authors, speakers, coaches, consultants and marketers have in common? Joel Bauer’s Money Matrix – 20 Moves to Millions. Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul Co-Author), Robert Allen, Eve Michaels, Peng Joon and hundreds of other unknown people have become top income producing mentors by leveraging the Money Matrix to CONSISTENTLY generate millions of dollars.

People fly in from all over the world to leverage Joel Bauer’s proven system taking them from the unknown to the only logical choice. Now you can have access to, potentially, the most comprehensive direction, training and support available in 5 days, 5 nights at a live exclusive event with Joel Bauer.

Proven Results

Proven Result

What makes me different over any other mentor in the world are the results my graduates produce. I have trained over 1900 of the top income-producing speakers, authors, coaches, CEOs, consultants and marketers across the globe. They have learned how to write books, build out their product systems, create passive income and communicate in a way that positions them as “the only logical choice." Now you can learn the exact formula that has positioned the world’s top mentors to where they are today.