Get Step-By-Step Mentoring to Implement a Proven Marketing System That Can Generate 7 Figures in Your Business

Top 3 Reasons Business Professionals Fail:

  1. No Idea where to start We live in a world where you either have to adapt or your business dies. Because there is so much information out there, it is easy to get overwhelmed. You will learn the exact system that has helped thousands of professionals to monetize what they love and generate massive income to support their families.
  2. No idea what really works Who can you trust and follow with so many giving advice? What has always differentiated what I do is that I generate results. Don’t take my word for it, listen to what my student’s have to say.
  3. Little or no experience setting up systems Without a system, you waste a lot time and lose a ton of prospects. Making a great first impression and then being able to lead people through every step of your system is how you can leverage contacts and generate top paying clients. You will learn a simple step-by-step process to create a proven system, that generates income.

Recognize your true purpose

Build immediate credibility

Identify the biggest problems

Create your own Product

Writing your book FAST

Have people begging you for a solution

Impress in 4 seconds

Convert prospects in 30 seconds

Become a master communicator

Become unforgettable

Grab attention with the right testimonials

Effectively present to anyone

Imagine being MENTORED by the Mentor’s Mentor.
In this community you will be mentored by Joel Bauer and you will:

  • Be taught a step-by-step process so you can easily implement each piece of your profit system.
  • Be part of a community so you will be held ACCOUNTABLE to implement each piece of your mentoring. The training only works when you implement it.
  • Be surrounded with other professionals, which gives you the opportunity to create new referral relationships.
  • Gain a much needed PEER SUPPORT so you never feel alone in your business and you can leverage for your lifetime.
  • Be able to build out your products, services, and book, even if you don’t have a business in mind or don’t have any writing or speaking skills.
  • Learn how to effectively present your book, products, and services even if you are an introvert and have no experience.

Money Back Guarantee for Annual Membership ONLY: Implement 100% of training for the year and if you don't generate 3X your investment, receive a full refund plus a $1000 as my gift. You must execute and submit a Proof of Action Form in order to activate this Money Back Guarantee.


$597 A month (a $9997 yearly value)

Each week you will be given specific instructions through videos, written directions, and interaction with the community.

Once a month, you will interact with Joel Bauer to ask any questions you have, so you can quickly implement what you are learning.

Every day you have the opportunity to ask your questions and interact with the community in a private Facebook group.


$5997 Annually (a $9997 yearly value)

Each week you will be given specific instructions through videos, written instruction and interaction with the community.​

​Once a month you will interact with Joel Bauer to ask any question you have so you can quickly implement what you are learning.

​Every day you have the opportunity to ask your questions and interact with the community in a private Facebook group.


​ - Receive 3 Tickets to the two-day LIVE event. (a $1491 value)​ - Receive special VIP Community Member offers and invitations.

Every day you have the opportunity to ask your questions and interact with the community in a private Facebook group.

World-renowned Gurus have all depended on this one person, Joel Bauer, to motivate their customers, control focus, and pull massive dollars from everyone’s pocket.

Step-by-Step, Practical And Actionable Strategies…

(Transformation Training Valued At US $5,000.00)

Regardless of the current state of your business, or where you are in life, the Passion2Profit transformational training will teach you how to grow your business. Even if you follow just a few of the techniques that Joel’s system teaches, you can dramatically increase the quality of your life and business. You can be a completely fresh and start not knowing what to do, or you can already be successful… Joel can help anyone!

  • Unlock what it is you’re truly passionate about in life. If it has been a struggle to find your life’s purpose, Joel allows you to ask yourself some pretty tough questions to unveil some very profound answers and help you to get some long awaited clarity.
  • How to monetize your passion or specialized knowledge through the creation of your own product, system, and service… at a fraction of what you might think it would cost!
  • Jaw-dropping techniques to build immediate credibility and rapport so that people will believe in you in just 3 seconds.
  • Simple transformation mechanisms to gain the instant attention of those who normally wouldn’t give you the time of day. Strangers will hang on your every word and move you make.
  • Differentiation tactics that make all of your competition Minor League And YOU the only and obvious choice in your market.
  • How to answer the all important question “What Do You Do?”. You don’t know the answer and it’s costing you millions!
  • I will teach you how to motivate people to do things they would never do…without even uttering a word.
  • How to get the applause, kudos, and results in people approving of you. Raving fans will want to do business with you.
  • How to build your arsenal of testimonials to secure attention and credibility…how you get the right words from people who believe in you.
  • How to identify your prospect’s biggest problem and concerns… and get them begging you for the solution!
  • How to publish your own book in less than 72 hours and without actually writing it. Having your own book will establish you as an expert and give you instant credibility.
  • Learn How To “Dress for Maximum Impact”. I will also show you how to pose and take your own photographs that makes you stand out in any crowded market.
  • Learn to retrain your voice, intonation and modulation.  I will turn you into a master communicator and give you the ability to increase your perceived value instantly and impact people in a way that will earn instant trust.
  • How to create PowerPoint presentations that are unforgettable, impactful, and bring in the results. You will use emotionally engaging visuals and graphics in your presentations for branding and persuasion. No more spending big $$ on designers!
  • How to target the audience that you specifically you want to attract. You will learn how to create exposure and connect with them emotionally so they end up investing in you.