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Finally learn business and cash flow strategies that are proven to generate growth in record time.

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This strategy is part of the formula responsible for the Million Dollar success of the World’s top experts like Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul Co-Author), T Harv Eker, Mike Koenigs, Robert Allen, Joe Polish, Peng Joon, Eve Michaels, Debbie Allen and thousands more!

Through Joel Bauer's direction, training, and support, many unknown people have positioned themselves as top experts and exceeded their 7-figure income objective in less than 18 months.  Now, it’s your turn.

Joel Bauer
The Mentor’s Mentor

Who Should Attend?

  • Those about to start a business and want to be able to generate proven strategies to generate top clients and consistent business.
  • Home based business owners who have a desire to create a business based on design not default.
  • Real estate professionals who are looking to differentiate themselves in a way that makes them the only “logical choice”.
  • Consultants looking to generate top dollar clients and to substantially increase their perceived value.
  • Trainers or coaches who want to understand how to effectively communicate what they do online and offline.
  • Authors who want to be recognized as a best-selling author and leverage their book into continuity programs.
  • Speakers who want to become the next top mentor and generate paid speaking gigs.
  • Anyone with a desire to position themselves as one of the top mentors in the world.

What people say:

Jorge BuenoFinancial Consultant

"200,000+ in New Revenue"

$200,000+ in revenue through my systems, books, webinars, events and multiple revenue streams. Joel's training and support made it possible!

Brad & Jen SumrockReal Estate Investors

"We Generated $272,000"

In just less than five months we generated over $272,000 as a direct result of Joel's training!

Emma TiebensSpeaker

"$25 per hour to $25,000 per client!"

Joel's systems & events transformed me from $25 per hour to $25,000 per client and from an unknown to an International Best Selling author, speaker, media personality & brand positioning consultant.

Mark Victor Hansen Author of Chicken Soup for the Soup & The One Minute Millionaire

"Joel Bauer is the Master's Master"

Joel Bauer has a level of impeccable perfectionism that I've never witnessed anywhere else in any other speaker. I've been around this business for 30 years and studied all the best of the best... politically, theologically, business-wise and academically. I've never seen anyone come in and mesmerize a crowd, take ownership of their mind, please them and have them ecstatically excited. He's the Master's Master.

Peng Joon Internet Marketer

"Do Whatever it Takes to Meet Joel"

Those who know me know that I never give out testimonials unless there was a significant impact in my life. Joel is one of them. If you are a speaker, presenter, marketer, author and you want to take it to the next level, you want to do whatever it takes to get in touch with Joel!

Why Should You Attend?

  • You want to be trained by the same mentor who trained the world’s top 1800 income producers who are speakers, authors, coaches, consultants and marketers.
  • You want to be an entrepreneur, but you do not have any interesting hobbies, expertise or product ideas to start a business.
  • You may have doubts about the direction your life or career should be heading.
  • You already know what your true passion is and have never really found a way to monetize your dreams.
  • You are already running a business, and you want to differentiate yourself as the logical choice in your industry so you can gain more clients while exploding sales effortlessly.
  • You are a working professional who wants that extra edge in your career.
  • You want to be recognized as a powerful communicator and influential negotiator.
  • You have a desire to be able to sell without feeling like a salesperson, so that you can effectively present any product or service in a way that generates a significant result.

What others have experienced: